1 Multipurpose Tool Achieves More Dredging With Less

The multipurpose tool is an amphibious device. This means that the watermaster dredger will be submerged below the surface of the shallow water for prolonged periods of time. Or it will be afloat atop the surface of the water in order to carry out any number of the processes associated with dredging waters of its pollution, bacteria, debris, aqua weeds and the like.

watermaster dredger

The multipurpose tool works from dry ground to a depth of as much as nineteen feet. Owners of this tool are now able to streamline all operations related to dredging riverbeds, ponds, pools, lakes and dams. The work ahead is done with fewer machines in operation. Owners can save on capital outlay and operational costs. They can also save on maintenance costs. The single device is aided and abetted by a wide selection of changeable attachments. All attachments can be quickly affixed or disengaged.

The multipurpose dredger has the ability to adapt to all work circumstances as well as natural surroundings. The dredger is fully amphibious. It is self-propelled and only needs the operational supervision of one employee. The mobilization of the equipment is quite simple. Only a standard trailer is required for transportation. No cranes need be used to remove the device from the trailer because it is able to walk independently into water after being quickly unloaded.

Having dropped the labor force substantially and having foregone the use of a crane, this machine does not require the assistance of other vessels, separate anchors, winches or wire cables. It is now possible to always keep all waterways in good condition, clean urban canals, remove invasive vegetation and help prevent the onset of floods. All previous shallow water challenges have now been overcome through the use of just one multipurpose tool.